Designed for high-security, biometric access control in data centers, office buildings, development laboratories, power plants or airports, the ManuScan Indoor palm vein scanner is based on state-of-the-art, ultra-secure Fujitsu Palm-Secure technology.

Unique and safe

Not only iCOGNIZE palm vein scanners are extremely secure, they also provide unsurpassed usability which one searches in vain for other biometric access control systems.

The security level of our ManuScan Indoor is freely selectable; From simple RFID readers to 3-factor authentication with RFID, PIN code and palm vein, our scanner offers the ability to flexibly respond to our customers’ security needs without having to install different devices. Our palm vein scanner has all common hardware interfaces and is thus well prepared for easy integration into existing security infrastructures.

Safety down to the smallest detail

Our specially developed software allows simple and networked operation of a complete access system. Alternatively, our software has interfaces that allow you to connect all common (security) systems completely or partially with our access control systems.

The ManuScan ensures maximum system availability through its integrated software and hardware backup systems, and its compact dimensions allow it to be unobtrusively integrated into existing infrastructures.

Nice and safe

No bigger than a flush-mounted box, our access control systems impress with their maximum security and maximum user comfort. The ManuScan Indoor by iCOGNIZE works non-contact and non-invasive and its intuitive hand positioning system supports its intuitive use and thus high user acceptance.

The installation of our ManuScan Indoor is very simple and comparable to that of a light switch. We offer our ManuScan Indoor in versatile design variations, so you can choose from aluminum or glass surfaces in different color variations.

External dimensions:
95 x 95 x 9 mm (HxWxD)

Mount dimensions:
68 x 50 mm (diameter x depth)

Installation depth (center):
160 cm or 105 cm

Frame designs:

Aluminum (silver, black) or
glass (white, green, umbra, black)

Casing contour:
rectangular or round corners

Power supply:
Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af) or
USB or AUX Power

CE compliant
BSI (components)

The datasheet ManuScan Indoor as download