iCOGNIZE – I recognize

As a developer and manufacturer of security technology with many years of experience, the iCOGNIZE GmbH based in Dietzenbach, Germany, is your competent contact for time-attendance terminals and high-end touch terminals. Whether access controller with online reader, radio cylinder or radio battery locks, at iCOGNIZE you will find the right products for all requirements.

In safe hands

Especially as regards the biometric access control systems, we have firmly established ourselves on the market as a key innovator. Palm vein scanners made by iCOGNIZE are considered to be the safest and most reliable systems of biometric access control, such as those found at airports or used for the arming of alarm systems.


We convince our customers with proposals for solutions which, in addition to consulting, conception, research and development, also include hardware and software usage in finding solutions.

Full service

The competencies of iCOGNIZE GmbH include consulting, conception, research and development, both in terms of hardware and software.

Made in Germany

Since its foundation in 2007, iCOGNIZE has been involved in the development and design of security technology and biometric recognition systems. Our wide range of services includes access control systems, digital image and video processing, embedded and pervasive computing, and FPGA design and connectivity.