Our access control center effectively and reliably coordinates the opening of doors and security gates, it controls escape and rescue routes or alerts external security organizations.

Effective control

The ZKZ AC 2/4/8, which manages up to eight readers depending on the model and equipment, reliably and convincingly meets all requirements for effective access control. It organizes simple access regulations just as reliably as the protection of complex and highly sensitive areas of the company.

Our devices are offline-enabled, so we ensure the security of guarded areas even in the event of network failure. For control and monitoring functions, the AC 2/4/8 has digital inputs and outputs whose functions can be variably assigned. If you have further or company-specific requirements for our access control center, please contact us. We are happy to implement these for you with the help of firmware extensions.

Secured and protected

In order to protect the AC 2/4/8 terminal against sabotage or tampering, we generally install the device in a secure area. In the event of a tampering attempt, the integrated sabotage contact automatically issues an alarm message (optional). All modern RFID reading methods such as Mifare DESFire / Classic, Legic Advant / Prime, Hitag 1/2 and EM4xxx / Prox as well as biometric procedures (fingerprint, palm vein scanner) can be used as access transponders. Based on state-of-the-art web technologies, the AC 2/4/8 terminal is set up and commissioned via a network connection. Even software or firmware updates can be recorded safely and user-friendly in this way.

300 x 240 x 90 mm (HxWxD)

Weight (approximately):
2 to 3.5 kg (depending on the expansion)

Body housing:
Version as EMC-protected unit
Ready to install and easy to maintain
metal housing


Ambient temperature during operation 0 ° C to + 45 °
Relative humidity 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Degree of protection IP30
(when properly installed)

Power supply:
(IEEE 802.3af oder IEEE 802.3at) or
10V – 24V AC/DC, min. 1.5A
(no external consumers)

CE compliant

The data sheet Access Control Terminal as download